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Private practice for psychotherapy

Living is a lifetime of practice. From day one it is all about learning, trying and learning again. We can often do things automatically and reflexively from birth, such as breathing, crying, swallowing, moving, and feeling. Other things we learn by imitating others: laughing, walking, talking, and reasoning. No one can do everything; everyone can do many things.

Some ways in living we ​​get modelled by the people around us. Other aspects of living we don’t get modelled. We come-up with these aspects ourselves based on our earlier experiences and our needs. Or we teach ourselves, adequately or not, how to survive and grow. We don’t really have a say in which cards we are dealt in life, but fortunately we do have influence over how we want to play those cards. Getting stuck can happen to anyone, but look at how far you’ve come!

Therapy at best practice

Keeping in mind, that you already possess most of the answers and solutions, Best Practice offers short-term therapy with the aim of getting you back on track as quickly as possible. Therapy at Best Practice is about getting you moving again with the help of a psychologist, so you can develop further on your own.

Therapy is about practice. A lot of practice. Practicing with giving openness, practicing on gaining new insights, practicing with other ways of thinking, feeling and acting, practicing with experiencing vulnerability, with emotions and with being your authentic self. And by doing so you will bring your life back to life. I am happy to help you with this process, but you will do the work.

Practice, practice, practice, and the rest will follow.

Your life. Your Best Practice.