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Rates and reimbursements

Individual therapy

Depending on the type of consult and the severity of your psychological distress, a therapy session at Best Practice will take either 45 or 60 minutes. The duration of your therapy session will be communicated with you. The rate for an individual therapy consult of 45 minutes with a GZ psychologist has been set at €135.89 for 2024 by the Dutch Healthcare Authority, the NZa. For 60 minutes of treatment a rate of €161.46 is set by the NZa. If a consult contains diagnostic aspects, such as during the intake or if a diagnostic report is done, the hourly rate for 2024 has been set at €183.44 due to after hours needed to process and report the diagnostic information besides the regular consultation time.

Best Practice has contracts for 2024 with the following health insurers: Menzis (including Anderzorg, HEMA, VinkVink); ASR (including Ditzo); Zorg en Zekerheid; Salland; DSW (including Stad Holland, InTwente); Zilveren Kruis (including Achmea, FBTO, Interpolis, Pro Life, De Friesland). Your treatment is fully reimbursed by these health insurers and the invoice will be directly sent to the insurer.

With other health insurers Best Practice has not (yet) concluded contracts, so it is advised that you check your health insurance whether or not treatment at Best Practice has financial consequences for you.

Depending on the health insurance you have, treatment will be fully reimbursed or you will be reimbursed between a 65 and 85 percentage of the above-mentioned rate. In case you have a restitution insurance 100% of the cost will be reimbursed. Often a restitution insurance mentions freedom of choice which caretaker you appoint. In 2024 multiple health insurers are dropping their restitution insurance option. In case of a natura insurance a percentage will be reimbursed. Freedom of choice regarding a non-contracted caretaker only implies full reimbursement if you have a restitution insurance.

If your insurance considers that a percentage of this nationally determined hourly rate as billable, it means you will pay the remaining percentage of the therapy costs yourself. The amount you might have to pay for yourself will be between €20,- and €70,- per session in 2024, depending on the insurance you have chosen and the type of session. Before your treatment starts you will be informed about your specific situation and costs.

Besides the costs of the treatment, you will also pay the so-called ‘eigen risico’ (own risk) fee. This is a yearly amount that you have to pay to your insurance the moment you are in need of (mental) health care. Depending on your personal choice the minimum amount of this fee is €385,- in 2024 and will most likely be charged fully even for short-term psychological care.

The invoice of Best Practice will be sent directly to you and you have to pay it yourself. After paying you can submit the invoice to your health insurer in order to declare the percentage for which you receive reimbursement.

Sex therapy

The rates and payment method mentioned above are also applicable for the treatment of sexual issues and sex related problems. Not all treatment for sexological problems are paid for by your insurance; only the sexual issues induced by or related to other psychological problems are reimbursed, such as sexual trauma-related issues or sexual problems due to severe medical conditions. In case of stand-alone sexual issues, a small number of health insurers reimburse part of the treatment costs from their supplementary insurance. Check an online comparing website to see which insurers have supplementary insurance for treatment of sex related problems. The total number of sessions needed will be agreed in consultation after the intake.

Couples therapy

Couples therapy is often not reimbursed by your health insurer. A session with a partner or family member in the context of couples therapy lasts 75 minutes. The rate for 75 minutes of couples therapy is set at €198.72. This rate is based on the NZa, but applied to couples therapy it is not exempt from VAT. A 21% VAT will therefore be charged. A few health insurers partly reimburse couples therapy if you have their supplementary insurance. Check an online comparing website to see which insurers have supplementary insurance for treatment of sex related problems. The number of sessions needed will be agreed in consultation after the intake.

Uninsured products/ consults (OZP)

Treatment of some psychological problems is not covered by the health insurance, for example in case of certain adaptational problems, sleeping problems or burn-out related problems. The fact that there is no reimbursement from the health insurance, does not alter the fact that these types of complaints can clearly be hindering. In case of work-related complaints, check whether your employer will (partially) reimburse the treatment. For some minor complaints, the psychologist (GGZ Praktijkondersteuner) of your general practitioner can also offer help. In case of doubt, please contact me to discuss whether treatment of your complaints will be reimbursed by the health insurance. The OZP rate for 2024 has not been published yet by the NZa.

Canceling or no show

Appointments can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours in advance. Regardless of the reason for cancellation within 24 hours before the actual appointment, a rate of €65,- will be charged. Not showing-up for an appointment without a cancellation will be charged for the full consult price. These costs will not be covered by your health insurance and will be invoiced separately.