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Best Practice is private practice in Utrecht which offers short-term therapy with a maximum duration of 12 therapy sessions for the following psychological problems: anxiety, panic attacks, mood disorders, depression, high levels of distress and/ or trauma, attention deficits, mild personality disorders, mild problems within the spectrum of autism, mild problems due to addiction, psychological issues due to chronic pains or illness and impairment, sexual problems and gender identity problems.

The practice is opened one day per week on Saturdays and one evening per week on Mondays. You can register by telephone at number 085-00 465 87. When I cannot answer your call, please leave a voicemail message. Make sure you leave your name and telephone number clearly audible so I can call you back. You can also send a request for registration by email. I will get back to you as soon as possible; at the latest within a week.

A screening by telephone will always take place in order to decide whether or not Best Practice appears to be a suitable practice for your request for treatment. If Best Practice seems to be a suitable practice an intake will be scheduled. The maximum waiting time for an intake is estimated at 12 weeks. Check this website for the actual waiting period. Because Best Practice is a small private practice, the option for registration may be put on hold at times. If this is the case, this will be published on the website.


The intake consists of three 45 to 60 minutes interviews. The first meeting is an acquaintance and introduction. A general questionnaire is administered to decide the level of severity of your issues. I will also explain a few important practical matters. Depending on your request for help, you will be asked to complete a couple more questionnaires at home prior to the second interview.

In the second interview I will ask more in-depth questions. After this meeting, I will determine whether Best Practice is the right place for treating your psychological problems.

In the third meeting, it is presented to you which treatment is recommended. During the intake, it may turn out that another practice, institution or form of therapy is better suited to your complaints. If your issues can be reduced with the short-term therapy that Best Practice offers, we will plan the treatment consults and therapy will start directly after the intake.

On request all forms of therapy can also be offered online via a secured E-Health platform. A combination of offline and online therapy (blended care) is optional as well if requested or indicated.