Zetong Li | Moritz Knoringer

Sex Therapy

If you experience issues within a sexual relationship or if you have complaints related to your sexual experiences and sexuality, you can have treatment at Best Practice. Also in regards to issues around your gender identity or if you are gender dysphoric, perhaps while on a waiting list for a medical procedure to change gender, Best Practice can offer you psychological treatment to find your unique way in coping with the daily challenges around your gender experience. In conversation with a sexologist it is examined where stagnations have arisen within your sexual experience, your gender, and/ or development of your sexuality or gender identity. These therapy sessions can be participated individually, but if there is a partner with whom sexuality is steadily shared and experienced, you will be asked to come to therapy together. You will learn how to communicate about sex and your sexual experiences. You will learn how to experience sexuality in a more pleasurable way, and how to change ways of thinking, sensing, and behaving in regards to sex. Evidence-based treatment methods such as Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy are used during sex therapy.

My expertise in the field of sexology are amongst other gender dysphoria and sex addiction, though at Best Practice treatment is given to a wide variety of sexual problems. Sexual and gender related problems can be difficult to talk about, so always feel free to contact Best Practice by phone or e-mail for a pre-intake concerning the issues you are experiencing and to verify if you can register for treatment.